so...guess what?!

That's right! Come June 6(-ish, obviously), our house is gonna get a lot louder and we're gonna be a lot more tired. We can't wait!

P.S. Those ultrasound pics aren't up to date. We jumped on the opportunity to get some professional pics while at Sarah's wedding in October thanks to the wonderful Anna Hedges, her wedding photographer (and ours too!).

P.P.S. Baby Bump is currently 13 weeks along, much more developed than the 6 week blob pictured.


Turkey Day '12

Boy, did we have a full house for Thanksgiving this year! Four kids under age 6, people sleeping in mudrooms and laundry rooms...it was awesome. (And now the house is way too quiet...sob.) The weather was literally perfect leading up to Thursday which meant lots of time logged on the playground next door, an afternoon playing in the leaves, and even eating Thanksgiving dinner outside. Channeling our inner Pilgrim, what can we say? Even the brutal 6:00am Turkey Trot wake-up call wasn't nearly as freezing as last year, thank the Lord. 

I love that everyone was able to drive down (or up, or across..) to come hang out for a few days. Getting the whole family together just doesn't happen often enough, but I'm thankful for the times we do get together!


Scenes from the Beach

I nearly forgot about all those other pictures from our week at the beach. Here they are, covering everything from Jockey's Ridge to seafood night (heaven!) to our day-trip to Okracoke Island to a morning spent on the beach.

P.S. This first picture of Deric cracks me up. I fully expect to have a kid who poses just like that. ;)

Hard to believe, but in just a week and a half we'll all be together again for Thanksgiving!