sequence of a baby unwrapping a Christmas present

We carried on my family's tradition of unwrapping one gift on Christmas Eve: our pajamas. My favorite picture is definitely the one I snapped right after Deric took the wrapping paper away (you'll know which one right away). Once Jake got over his initial disappointment at losing the wrapping paper, he perked up at the sight of his Christmas jammies (and I can't say that phrase now without singing it..). I'm glad we braved the insanity of the mall a few days ago to snag these, even if they were a size too big and I had to pin his pants to keep them up. (That's what we get for procrastinating, guess he can wear them clear through St. Patrick's Day!) 

PS. Not sure what was going on with my camera, every picture is out of focus. :/



Merry Christmas Eve! We're breaking out the Christmas pajamas, watching The Grinch and prepping for a stellar breakfast tomorrow. I hope your Christmas is thrilling not only because of the gifts, but because of the hope that Jesus' birth brought us so many years ago!


merry & bright

Our Christmas tree has been pulling double duty this year. Not only is it pretty to look at, its practical too-- every time Jake's upset, we simply carry him over to the tree and let him reach for a few ornaments, and he's instantly calm(er). Its proven handy for practice sessions of sitting up as well. Nothing motivates Jake to work on his core than the promise of a sparkly ornament if he can just reach a. little. bit. farther. (Supervised, of course.) We've had one casualty so far; Jake was in my arms and wrapped those little fingers around an ornament in lightning speed only to lose his grip, and it went crashing to the floor. Ah well, our ornaments are only from Target's clearance. ;) I'm enjoying my fully-decorated tree this year since next year I know we can only have the top half decorated!


7 months

Jake just hit seven months and it still amazes me that I've got a baby, much less one that now sits up, eats "real" food and growls like a lion all day. He's still as mellow as can be, as long as someone's in the room with him. He never wants to miss out on anything, not even doing the dishes or laundry. Seeing as he absolutely hates being on his belly but loves to pull himself up, I've got a feeling he may skip over crawling and go straight to walking (which would be fine with me, our floors aren't always the cleanest). We love his fake cough, his soft and fuzzy hair, and his impish grin when he knows he's done something funny, which is usually blowing bubbles.



1. reading before a nap: Jake's favorite part is when Peter (Rabbit) sneezes "ker-CHOO!" 
2. visiting Dad at work & trying his hand at guitar 
3. order up: sweet potato & squash  
4. basketball season at the middle school is in full swing
 1. (plastic) ornaments can be fun to gnaw on 
 2. feeling pumped about his first time in a high chair
3. babies have the best posture
4. i beat Deric by 7 points! hiya!


Thanksgiving 2013

Last Tuesday we drove through sleet and snow(!) to Indiana to celebrate Thanksgiving with Deric's family. The next morning, Deric went golfing with his dad and brother in 30 degree weather while Jake and I met up with the Fairs for lunch. The rest of the weekend was pretty low-key as Jake kicked off his first Thanksgiving with a serious diaper rash and a cold. He handled it like a champ, just a little snugglier and sleepier than usual which is always okay by me (and as a result, slept for 4.5 of the 6 hour drive home!). And while everyone feasted on both ham and turkey, all Jake got was some bananas (which he was plenty happy about). Next year kiddo, you'll see what the hype's all about.