three & four

Things have been so busy lately that I've barely managed to take pictures of Jake each month but I'm sure glad I've kept at it. When he was first born almost everyone said to me, "I forget how small they are!" After awhile I got tired of hearing it, but now I catch myself saying the exact same thing to friends who have just had babies. It really is crazy how much babies can change in just a few short weeks. In Jake's case, the cheeks keep filling out...and the hair keeps falling out (sadly). He's almost bald now so I'm desperately hoping his hair will come back soon and will stay dark!

three months:

four months:



Four generations of Skinner men, Labor Day weekend 2013.
(L to R: Deric's uncle, grandfather, dad, Deric and Jake, and Deric's brother)


movin' up in the world

I had to teach kindergarteners at church this morning, so Jake went to the nursery for the first time. I figured the occasion was a good time to break out some 'little man' clothes, which I quickly regretted when his 16-year-old self flashed before my eyes. Isn't there some way to keep him little and let him grow up at the same time??


favorite moments // Port Hope

Cana Ruth, during and after her ice cream cone
(I feel ya, sister)
fondue for lunch

baby burrito


learning about the great Michigan fire

drum lessons with Uncle Marc

new projects

baby in a bow tie

Grandad & Isaac's matching footwear

ice cream break with the family



My mom and dad recently got into paddleboarding and brought two boards to Port Hope so the rest of us could try it out. Paddleboarding is the perfect way to enjoy Lake Huron since the water level has dropped so much since we were kids. It was so fun to paddle board since its relatively easy to learn and not at all strenuous (unless you get too brave and paddle out farther than you should, then get caught fighting against the wind to get back to shore...). I'm looking forward to trying it out again in Florida over Christmas!


all the best parts

A few weeks later, I'm finally getting around to sorting through pictures from Port Hope. There are tons, so I'm spreading them out over a few posts. First up, the highlights of the week that I look forward to every year...

ice cream just across the street.


work projects.

cool nights.

learning new things

no tv = time for reading, relaxing, and new hobbies