Christmas Morning, Round 1

Christmas morning with Deric's family was the usual flurry of wrapping paper, squeals of excitement and picture taking. Jake enjoyed digging through his stocking but didn't quite understand the purpose and very generously offered each present to someone else, eventually bringing the entire stocking to his grandpa. His unwrapping skills haven't gotten much faster since last year, as he likes to rip just the tiniest pieces and hand each and every one to us before moving on to the next piece. (Savoring the morning, maybe?) We quickly learned that he was happier when he could enjoy one present for a while before moving on to something new, and that stacked presents make great roads for toy cars (...and that he really didn't need much more than new cars!). A few toys couldn't be set up until we got home but his racecar track was a major hit, even with his cousins. We are definitely thankful for family that indulges our every wish [list] and for traditions that we look forward to every year!


19 months young

Clean freak in the making--always wiping down the table, his tray, his face.
Obsessed with drinking from Dad's cups.
Latest words include "help", "told" [cold], "oc ball" [soccer ball] and "ask ball" [basketball].
Slowwwwly learning to obey when I ask him to "Come here". (Fingers crossed that Christmas with grandparents doesn't set this new skill back, cause everyone knows grandparents are softies.)
Loves to perch on the counter next to me as I make sandwiches, cut up fruit, etc.
Still no sign of sideburns, as evidenced by the wavy-bowl-cut look. 
Moves fast enough that the wavy bowl cut is almost not noticeable (almost). 
Sweet enough to comply with my incessant requests for hugs and kisses, because who doesn't love an open-mouthed attack of drool?!


merry and bright (lights)

The other night we braved freezing temps barely long enough to explore the lights at a local park, much to Jake's delight. Between the trees made from light strands and the huge evergreens decked out in giant ornaments, Jake couldn't pick a favorite. His little fingers were frozen after one quick loop through the trees so it was a short but sweet visit, a great first time to see the lights.

I can't get over the sheer joy captured in these pictures. Deric and Jake's latest game is to start the sentence "I...love…" and fill it in with all kinds of things, but the most enthusiastic response has always been "Dadddddyyyy!", as seen in the smile below.

Watching Jake's enthusiasm over simple Christmas lights gets me so excited for Christmas morning, and for all the Christmas seasons coming up! I so look forward to involving him in more Christmas traditions as he gets older and can help bake cookies, hang ornaments, wrap gifts and enjoy the anticipation of the season of Christmas. 


my two favorite guys

Blurry, but perfect. A perfect capture of the blur that is a toddler boy, and his dad steady and still behind him.


"winding down"

Beds are not for sleeping, didn't you know?


Thanksgiving 2014

Thankful for time with both sides of the family, a perfectly roasted turkey, jumbo chocolate chip cookies (and the rest of the dessert table), a dusting of snow, a six mile run and best of all, a brand new nephew!


a limited vocabulary

We (already) regret teaching him that "no" is funny…

IMG 2961 from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.