weekend happenings

Last weekend was good and relaxing. We slept til double digits on both Friday and Saturday (minus brief stints to feed Jake, naturally) and hit up a friend's neighborhood pool for the afternoon on Friday. Not much actual swimming happened but poolsides are just perfect for reading. Nothing like diving into Harry Potter...again. Every summer those books make an appearance. ;) Per usual, Jake slept through most of the fun. 

On Friday night we ventured out to the drive-in movie theater in a neighboring town. I love that we have a drive-in theater nearby although the last time we went was during my grad year of college. I can't handle movies until almost 2 am very often, but it is always a great time. We went with a family from church and a few kids from our youth group and had a good time eating Japanese take-out and playing corn hole until almost 10:00, when the movies started. Epic was up first and was a cute animated film; Man of Steel played afterwards and I gave it about thirty minutes before I took a nap. Not the best Superman movie I've seen, but the nap was pretty awesome. By the time we got home and got Jake settled, 3am had come and gone so our Saturday was spent in total relaxation mode. 


six weeks & a cross-country gift

My Aunt Debbie knit Jake his very own blanket and judging by the colors she chose, I'd say she knows us (me) pretty well. I'd been looking forward to seeing his blanket ever since she knit one for Cana, and it didn't disappoint. We got the blanket in the mail a day or two ago and Jake (and Deric) have
already taken a few stellar naps with it. We received hand-me-down blankets from friends in preparation for Jake's arrival, but they definitely don't compare with handmade, thoughtful gifts like this one that will get used over and over again! Aunt Deb, thanks so much! Can't wait for you to meet Jake in a few weeks!


first Father's Day

Deric's first Father's Day was an all-around good day. We started the day off with church and lunch with friends from out of town. From there, I took Deric to get his Father's Day gift-- a grill, because every dad needs one. ;) I had researched a few basic models the day before and the grill I decided on was only available at a Lowe's in northern Knoxville, so we took a little road trip to pick it up, followed by some free frozen yogurt. A few hours (and one serious nap) later, we wrapped up the day with barbeque chicken on the grill.

Deric's really risen to the challenge of being a good father and has taken such great care of both me and Jake. He takes the middle of the night feeding so I can sleep, gets me whatever I need while I nurse, bathes and changes Jake, and helps with everything else too. I love listening when he talks to Jake because he can't keep from "baby talking" and making up conversations between the two of them. I so look forward to watching their relationship develop over the years.

And speaking of dads, can't leave out my dad! Dad, I'm so thankful for you and the sacrifices you make to take care of your family. Even just a month ago, you worked tirelessly to take care of us while waiting for Jake to arrive. I hope you're enjoying having some of your grandkids with you this week!



Deric and I went on a date last night and left Jake with non-family babysitters for the first time (thanks Sara!). We definitely weren't worried about leaving Jake because the lady who watched him is a nurse and mother of two, but we did miss him a lot. Still though, it was nice to get out and just be the two of us. We ate dinner at Connor's and I got fantastic shrimp and grits while Deric ordered some fancy sea food combo. We didn't have any plans for after dinner and sadly it was drizzling all evening, so we wound up at the mall--which we rarely visit-- and wandered around, just talking and browsing. (We did take pics in one of those cheesy photo booths though, something we'd never done together!) As we were talking, we ended up planning a bunch of date nights for the next few months, like rock climbing and putt putt, so we've got a few dates to look forward to. I love spending time with Deric and I'm so glad he  insists on regular date nights!

(The new camera lens doesn't zoom, but it was fun (and funny) trying to get us both in the shot!)


happy due date

Today's my due date. So, so strange to think I should still be pregnant...I feel like Jake's been here forever (in a good way). We're getting settled into a new routine as a family of three and surprisingly I'm slowly transitioning into a morning person (I know, right?). I can't imagine how uncomfortable I'd have been at this point had I gone full term. I kid you not, every time I bend over to pick up something off the ground I thank God my belly isn't still getting in the way. I do, however, miss having a built-in table for bowls of ice cream and cereal.

Happy due date, baby Jake!


three weeks young

Three weeks old and we're finally starting to see more of baby Jake's blue eyes (when he's not blowing spit bubbles in his sleep). He's becoming more vocal and has added grunts and squeals to his repertoire but is still a pretty laid back baby, only crying when he's really ready to eat. Jake's still rocking the old man hair style with a plethora of hair on the back and sides of his head, but the front of his hairline is filling in ever so slightly. Pretty soon we'll be able to style a comb over. ;)