the first two weeks with Reid

These first two weeks with Reid have really been a dream. Before he was born, I was obviously unsure about how Deric and I would balance both kids and how Jake would adjust to a little less attention from us, since he is all about his quality time. But its been great!

Of course, not every minute has been butterflies and rainbows (I actually got mastitis yesterday but with Tylenol and antibiotics, I'm feeling so much better today) but overall the transition to being a family of four is going pretty smoothly.  Deric took the week off from work which has definitely helped ease the transition and its been fun for all of us to have so much time with him home.

It seems like summer appeared just this week with temperatures edging close to 90, so we've spent a lot of time outside in the shade with all of Jake's water toys at his disposal. The water table we got for his birthday has already paid off and after pulling out his pool and seeing how quickly he'd outgrown it, we used some baby shower gift cards to purchase a much bigger inflatable pool. It arrived today so I'm sure we'll put it to good use this weekend...and all summer long! But even with the tiny pool, Jake had just enough room to make a pretty good splash and get just wet enough. He's not one to go all out on anything right away, so it worked out well.

^that face!

Reid and I supervised. ;)

Our first outing was to visit the library and the neighboring park. Some new books and movies have have helped keep Jake occupied when we're busy with Reid, plus the park next to the library is shaded and quiet and Jake loves to play by the stream. He and Deric rock hopped across the stream and he was so excited!

Since I no longer have to watch my blood sugar, we visited Menchie's for some long overdue frozen yogurt! I'll admit that its been hard not to go totally overboard on all the foods and dessert that I missed while pregnant, but certain things--like Menchie's-- just had to happen!

^Jake wasn't too happy to stop and take a picture in the middle of eating his yogurt. ;)

Jake was intrigued for about half a second by Reid's first bath but I think the crying scared him away. Thankfully Reid was back to his calm self as soon as he got snuggled back up. I hate those first baths when it seems like you're torturing the poor child!

Last Sunday night our church held its annual Memorial Day picnic and block party. Since our church is right next door, Reid and I came over to eat dinner and watch Jake ride his bike through the "car wash" that was part of the Mini Indy 500 event for kids before we went back inside because it was so.dang.hot. Our children's minister captured these really cute shots in that short time frame!


he's here!

Reid Warren, born Monday, May 23rd at 10:21 pm
7 lbs, 5 oz and 21 1/2 inches long
long and thin with a fuzz of dark brown hair and royal blue eyes

When we woke up Monday morning, we didn't expect to meet our baby boy late that night! I woke up feeling like I had every morning for the past month: total impatience at how slowly time was crawling by until this baby came. We were planning to be induced on Wednesday morning so after I showered and ate breakfast, I started looking for a project, anything that would keep me occupied. I remember Jake was taking his sweet time finishing a pancake at the table, Deric had run to Home Depot to buy polycrylic to finish a table he built for friends of ours (and was hoping to have completely finished by Wednesday) and I had checked everything off my before baby list except for actually packing bags. So when the doctor's office called me at 8:30, I was in Jake's room packing his bag for his sleepover at our friend's house even though it felt a little premature.

(Back story: Because I developed cholestasis while pregnant with Jake, I had been on the lookout this entire pregnancy for the same symptoms, mainly itchy hands and feet. I thought I was in the clear by this point but last Thursday night my feet itched all night long and I woke up paranoid, called the doctor and they had me come in to draw blood. It felt kind of ridiculous because the lab results wouldn't be in until Monday or Tuesday and we were scheduled to induce Wednesday anyways. My feet didn't itch anymore that weekend so I figured it was a fluke.)

When the nurse called I only half paid attention because I was fairly sure she would tell me the results came back normal. It wasn't until she said that my levels were elevated and the doctor wanted to induce today that I really tuned into the conversation. I asked how soon we needed to be at the hospital and she told me as soon as possible. I asked if two hours was soon enough and she said no, not really, that they wanted to get things started right away. I hung up with her and immediately called Deric and told him to come home. I remember feeling really excited but all the sudden incredibly sad that I hadn't even had the chance to play with Jake yet that morning. I walked down the hall to find him and told him he'd get to go to his sleepover today, but that I had to get our things ready before we could go. He happily went back to playing while I started to pack both our bags. Deric got home and packed his stuff, did some chores around the house and got Jake ready to go. We dropped Jake off at our friend's house and he was so excited to be there that he barely registered when  we left, which made me feel good.

We made it to the hospital right at 10 and I was taken right to a room. We waited maybe twenty minutes for a nurse to come in and get things started, just enough time to finally let friends and family know what was going on! I got dressed in the gown and the nurse started the IVs and monitors. Pitocin was also administered and we spent the next two hours watching tv, texting family and friends and eating lunch-- Popsicles for me, Chickfila for Deric. My doctor came in and broke my water at noon, and that may have been the most painful part of the whole ordeal. (I don't remember that pain with Jake, but then I realized I'd already had my epidural at that point.) Contractions picked up so I asked for the epidural and got in right in time. I could feel the contractions getting stronger really low in my abdomen and all afternoon they were about two minutes apart. The afternoon actually passed really quickly considering I was so bored. I ate as many Popsicles as I could stomach, trying to keep blood sugar up, and developed a slight headache from not eating or drinking water. I tried to nap on and off throughout the afternoon but never actually fell asleep. Around 5pm, the nurse checked and I was dilated to a 4. I was a little disappointed but she said that usually things progressed pretty quickly after you hit 4. And then at 7pm, still a 4. At this point I gave up on having the baby during the day and started to pray that we wouldn't be up in the middle of the night. I just wanted to have this baby and eat something! My doctor had gone home at 5:00 but assured me she would be back within ten minutes when the nurses told her it was time. At 8:50, the nurse said my doctor had asked her to check me again and I was dilated to a 7. Twenty minutes later, I was an 8. I started to get more excited but realized it could potentially be two more hours.

By this point, I was starting to feel more of the contractions than I wanted to so I administered a little more meds, then a little more...and nothing really changed. The nurses had told me to let them know if this happened so they could call for the anesthesiologist. I wasn't in much pain, more discomfort, from the contractions but I was worried that I would feel too much when I actually had to push, so I asked them to call the anesthesiologist. They did but couldn't get ahold of him right away (of course). A little while later, my doctor came in and suggested that if I wasn't in major pain, that we should "just have the baby!" and push away the pain. I remember Deric and I looked at each other with a look of surprise and excitement before we got distracted by the nurses beginning to prep the room. I was still worried that the pain would be too intense but I was obviously excited to start pushing.

Because of the pain I was in while laboring with Jake, I don't remember very much at all of his actual labor and delivery. So this time, I wanted to really be aware of everything going on. I checked the clock to see what time it was so I knew how long I would be pushing, and it was just before 10:00. Everything was prepped and the nurses instructed me to start pushing right at 10:00. I'd push three times during each contraction and barely have the breath to get through it, but it wasn't otherwise very painful, just tiring. I wasn't making any progress at first so I felt discouraged but pretty soon, the doctors and Deric could see the top of his head. Deric kept me "up to date" on what was happening which encouraged me enough to keep pushing. Finally, he told me that we were really really close so I did my absolute best to push and within twenty minutes of pushing, he was here! My first thought as he came out was absolute terror that the doctor would drop him. She suctioned his nose or mouth and the cutest little cry came out. Deric got to cut the cord and then I got to hold him. I remember being on the verge of tears but not actually crying. I was mostly in disbelief that this pregnancy was finally over and he was really here! All that waiting and worrying about him was over and I could hold him and know that he was just perfect.

It seemed to take forever for both of us to be cleaned up so I could hold him again. I noticed that aside from that first good cry, he was totally quiet and calm. He looked around and seemed to wait so patiently for the nurses to check him out, and then I held him and he nursed pretty well almost right away. I don't remember the next few hours except that he was wide awake but didn't cry. He really seemed too good to be true. ;) Around 3:00am I nursed him again and we both went to sleep for a few hours.

The next morning, Deric and I finally decided on his name. He had told me the previous afternoon that he was coming around on my favorite name, Reid, but I tried not to get settled on it in case he changed his mind. But as I got into the shower that morning, I asked Deric to let me know if he wanted to go with Reid by the time I got out of the shower so that we could share the news. And when I came into the room, he had written Reid Warren on the whiteboard.

^ready to go home!

Reid is already a week old (sob!) and it seems surreal to have him with us. He is still incredibly calm (but also ridiculously sleepy and hard to wake up!) and he rarely cries. When he is awake, he'll look around and take everything in just as quietly as can be. He's just starting to wake himself up to nurse, for which I am very thankful. He's a dream baby and is making the adjustment to a family of four pretty easy on us!


Jake turns THREE!

Jake turned THREE this last Friday! We celebrated all weekend, starting out with blueberry muffins for breakfast, per his request. I had asked him if he wanted pancakes for breakfast for his birthday and he was adamant that he'd rather have blueberry muffins, easy enough! And perfect for a candle.

We played inside for an hour or so after breakfast and waited for the morning to warm up enough to take Jake out to the backyard to see his present from us, a pirate ship water table that arrived just in the nick of time. We're hoping that this water table gets put to good use this summer since it'll be too hot to take the baby to the pool for an extended amount of time, so we're making our own water park in the backyard. Jake played with the pirate ship for a good while...until he realized how fun it was to pour water on himself. Since he was still in his jammies, no harm no foul!

For lunch we met our neighbors at "Chick-o-way", Jake's second request of the day. Nuggets, fruit and chocolate milk made him happy as a clam and he never even noticed that Deric and I split his free birthday milkshake. ;) Our neighbors were so kind to get Jake some big bubble wands that he just loves and a set of Lincoln Logs. He's really enjoyed building "big walls" and a few log cabins with my help or his dad's. I'm all about any toy that's open-ended and I'm looking forward to when he really gets the hang of his building sets all by himself. Right now he still needs some help building towers with Legos or the Logs because he doesn't yet understand some concepts like needing the base of the structure to be bigger than the top, but we're working on it! I love to ask him what he's making and hear the wide variety of answers.

Side story: tonight Jake got a splinter from playing with some pieces of scrap wood outside and as we were trying to get it out, I tried to distract him by asking him what animal he would want to be. His answer was a "hippo-giraffe-lion!" All one word, apparently all one animal. Not quite sure how that would work. ;)

Back to the birthday celebrations. The rest of Friday was pretty low-key since Jake's birthday party was the next morning and Deric and I still needed to get some things done. We ate dinner outside and played in his water table and enjoyed a gorgeous spring day. After dinner we ran over to church to play on a big inflatable that had been rented for an event going on. I'm pretty sure Jake thought the inflatable was solely for his birthday, and we didn't tell him otherwise. :) Jake jumped his heart out in the bounce house but didn't quite understand why I wouldn't jump with him...so instead I took on the role of pushing him down the slide. For some reason, he didn't want to go down the slide unless I pushed him but he laughed so hard when I did! 

On Saturday morning, we woke up and went right into party mode. Jake's friends--and some of their parents-- came over to play in the backyard at 10am. We set up a [much smaller] bounce house that we got for Christmas, the sand and water tables, and basically all of Jake's outdoor toys all over the backyard. The weather was just perfect and the kids played hard, especially on the bounce house, while the adults sat back and relaxed/refereed every so often.

Around 11:30 we served lunch for everyone: pizza for adults and dinosaur-shaped sandwiches for the kids (thanks to a sandwich cutter I found on Amazon). The party was very loosely dinosaur themed, as in the cake and the sandwiches had something to do with dinosaurs. For a few weeks leading up to Jake's birthday, I would ask him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday. His answers rotated between a green dinosaur, a truck, and Thomas. But most of the time he wanted a dinosaur, so I did my best with that request. I won't say how long it took me to frost the cake...just way too long. But it turned out mostly how I hoped, so it was a win!

We sang Happy Birthday to Jake inside since the wind picked up so much that the candles wouldn't stay lit, then promptly took the cake and ice cream back outside, where most every little party guest chose chocolate cake. (One circle of the cake was chocolate, the other vanilla. Since I don't like chocolate cake, I can't say I was sorry to see a lot of vanilla left!) I had to make sure my hard work didn't go unnoticed so I was sure to point out to Jake that the cake was shaped like a 3. ;) And he loved the dinosaurs!

After the party wrapped up, Deric and I realized that a morning birthday party is the way to go. Jake's last two parties were in the afternoon so the morning was spent prepping and by the time the party was over, the day was gone and we were beat. But celebrating in the morning left us all day to relax and gave Jake plenty of time to enjoy his new gifts. All in all, a great birthday weekend. Its so fun to celebrate Jake and the amazing kid he's becoming. I'm blown away by his thoughtfulness and willingness to help with anything and everything. He's goofy and silly and I love watching him laugh so hard when he plays with Deric. I wish I could freeze time and enjoy this age with him...but I would never choose to freeze time while pregnant. ;)