17 months

Still stops to pick up every stick outside
Always pushes me to get in between my legs and the kitchen cabinets when I'm cooking
Says and identifies horses in books
Loves to bring us shoes from the mudroom (even the baseball-dirt-covered shoes, so this is a great habit)
Usually puts just one Croc on, on the wrong foot, and limps around the house
Shakes his head "no" when I tell him "no"
Recently taught himself to spin in circles on command
Starting to get a more...defined...palate.
Says "Mom" when referring to me or Deric (ha HA!...except not, 'cause its usually at 6am.)
Hyperventilates from excitement when the bathtub's filling up
Still throws his pacifier across the room as soon as he's awake from naps
Doesn't differentiate yet between "hug" and "kiss", so we get kisses for both, complete with "mwah!"


A Weekend Retreat

Deric and I spent last weekend with the other ministers at our church and their spouses, planning and dreaming for next year and simply spending some time together. We all stayed at a cabin in the mountains which was perfect for the drizzly, gray days! Thursday was spent in planning sessions and on Friday, we spent the morning hiking and then ate lunch at Smokin' Joe's, a locally owned barbeque joint that won me over as soon as I saw my Coke come in a massive Mason jar. That night, each couple went on a date and then we all met back up and stayed up talking for a while. We had a great time relaxing and spending time with people we see every day but rarely actually spend time with. And Jake had a great weekend too- Deric's parents came in town to stay with Jake and they played nonstop.

Next up on the docket during the busiest month this year, Charlotte for Sarah's baby shower!


weekend in the wilderness

Our annual camping trip was this past weekend, and fall weather arrived just in time! We went from 80 degree days all week to a high of 50 on Saturday, just right for sitting around that campfire...oh wait, I meant wandering around the campsite after Jake. He was such a trooper and was perfectly content as long as he could roam freely, examining every stick and acorn and pinecone. His little hands got red from the cold but for the life of me, I couldn't get him to let me warm them up by the fire. He didn't seem bothered by it though. On both nights, we got a middle of the night wake up call (the second night I woke up to a perfectly pronounced "Mom! Mom! Mom!"...seriously Jake, after all these months of only saying "Dad"?!) and after an hour spent trying to shush him so he wouldn't wake up the entire campground, we were all able to log a few more hours of sleep. Besides that though, his first camping trip was definitely a success. Oh, but I should note that we were NOT in a tent; we thankfully borrowed our friends' pop-up camper...and will never go back to a tent again. At least I won't, but I'm pretty sure Deric was spoiled by it too. We're all thankful to be back in our warm beds this week with the added bonus of Jake sleeping past 8:00 the last two mornings as he recovers!


So long, summer

I've thoroughly enjoyed this summer, spending our mornings at the park, visiting the zoo with friends, and floating around friends' pools. Jake's changed so much from his birthday at the beginning of the summer to now, from a baby to a 'kid'. But man am I anxious for fall to really hit so we can spend both our mornings and afternoons outside, rather than biding our time indoors until the afternoon heat waves pass (plus, Jake's got some seriously cute sweaters once the temperatures drop enough!). We braved a not-quite-so-extreme heat wave the other day to "celebrate" the first day of fall at one of our favorite parks. 


16 months and the first fall day

I feel a bit like a traitor for wishing away summer after I about died waiting for it to come after last winter, but once that first fall-ish breeze comes there's no looking back. This Saturday was an honest to goodness perfect early fall day. Deric spent the morning at the golf course and Jake and I spent our morning in the backyard, coloring the patio (and ourselves) with chalk, cleaning up the garden beds and collecting sticks. We had the windows open, I baked chocolate chip cookies and fall decorations started to make their appearance. Of course, this week the temps are nice and high again but I have hope that fall is only weeks away! 

A little about Jake at 16 months:

These past couple months have been some of my favorites. He's such a perfect mix of baby and kid now, still cuddly before bed and babbling away,  but also putting on his own shoes (okay, just his Crocs, but still!) and becoming semi-successful with a fork. He mimics everything Deric does; I've even heard him mimic the cadence(?) of an entire sentence that Deric said. Jake walks with either one arm swinging wide or with  hands behind his back, belly stuck out to balance that big noggin of his. Just this week he's started to give me real kisses when I ask (which is every five minutes, poor kid) and he can pronounce "but(t)" as clear as day. We're so proud.