four years of happy

On Saturday night Deric and I celebrated our fourth anniversary with dinner at our favorite restaurant, Lakeside Tavern (hello parmesan fried asparagus!) and the latest Transformers movie...which we almost bowed out on because 7:30 rolled around and we were so tired. (In our defense, we had a 5:30 wake up call that morning..) But I'm glad we powered through the slump because we both miss going to the movies. It was so great to be out with Deric, enjoying an entire meal without keeping one eye on the toddler who may choke on a fistful of food or throw his drink at the next table. Deric is truly a wonderful husband: he's more than willing to help with Jake and chores around the house, he loves to eat at Moe's as often as I do, he wakes up with Jake most mornings and let me sleep just a few minutes longer, and he works hard for our family. I couldn't have picked a better one!