fall family fotos

First time doing family pictures as a family of three! I think the last time Deric and I had photos done was our wedding, and in three years it hasn't gotten any less awkward to pose for pictures. But we powered through and the photos turned out great! It helps having a tiny, cute kid to take the spotlight off us though. ;)

(This one's my favorite.)


six months already?!

Its hard to believe Jake's already hit the six-month mark. He's still as chill as can be (thankyouJesus!) and is turning into quite the charmer too. He's quick to smile at everyone, including strangers, but his biggest smiles are reserved for his daddy. Jake's becoming quite a fan of Dad, which I figured would happen. As soon as Deric comes in the room, Jake will avoid me like the plague in an effort to maintain eye contact with Deric at all times. (I'm learning to use this to my benefit though, as much as it hurts my feelings. Can't stop staring at Dad? Ok, Dad can feed you/change you/bathe you!)

We had no idea Jake could sit up on his own until the doc propped him up at his six month appointment and it kinda made my heart hurt to see his little self sitting up like a champ! Just this week, he's starting rocking when he gets excited. Sitting up + rocking isn't the best combination though so he usually faceplants shortly after, but in true Jake form he's fine with it. Its so fun to see his personality develop and I can only hope his laid-back personality is around for the long haul...especially with teeth on the horizon, most likely. Oh boy.


rice is nice

Jake got to try out some rice cereal over the weekend. And by "try out" I mean "let spill all over his face and body". Our second try the next day was much better; I think he got a few complete spoonfuls down. Pretty soon I'll be able to take our Baby Bullet for a spin and puree all kinds of stuff--which I'm oddly excited about, even if it means Jake's growing up too fast.


last minute trip to SC

Deric had an elders' retreat in Louisville last weekend so rather than sit around by ourselves, Jake and I headed south to see Sarah and Drew! The weekend was spent relaxing with Sarah, Drew and friends, wandering downtown Summerville and a visit to Sarah's school, a seafood dinner (when in SC...), lunch at Moe's (of course), and lots of snugglin' with baby J. We wished Deric could have come with us, but we're planning on a spring-time trip to make up for it!


Halloween recap

Deric and I don't go all out for Halloween, but I do look forward to when Jake + future babies can appreciate costumes and we can make some fun ones. (Or maybe I should have taken advantage of a child too young to fight my choice in costumes?) Ah well, a fleecy pumpkin sleeper and his too-big bear hat sufficed for this year. We'll get 'em next time! :)