Home for the Holidays

Deric and I are visiting both sides of the family for Christmas this year. We're at my parents' house in Virginia through Christmas, then we head up to visit his family in Indiana for the remainder of the week. Yep, that's a lot of driving. (26 hours total.) But worth it to see both families for Christmas. 

I haven't been back to my parents' house in over a year, and they've changed almost the entire downstairs of the house in that time. New flooring, new paint colors, new furniture, new fixtures...the works. I'm working with Mom to find 'before' pictures of the house so I can show you the before and afters, but today I thought I'd share Mom's Christmas decorations. 

Some decorations I remember, and some are brand new.

For instance, the tree is new. Growing up we'd get a real tree, but this year they found a 9' tree for a whopping $30 at a garage sale. 

Most of the nutcrackers I remember, but this is the first year they've patrolled the stairs.

The ornaments are a hodge-podge of old and new.

Isn't my thumbprint so cute? ;)

Santa in the snow globe is a new one.

Sarah's angel ornament is a favorite every year. 

More nutcrackers.

I don't know where this wooden angel originated from, but she's been with the family for a while.

The straw ornaments have been around forever. They're slowly dying out since they're fragile and we weren't always careful, but a few still make it onto the tree.

The ornaments on the mantle are a new decoration, and I'm going to copy it next year. I love the look of the glittery ornaments nestled into the greenery!

Mom carried the ornament theme onto the front porch as well. Again, such a simple look that I'll have to borrow for next year. :)

Mom got her inspiration for the hanging ornaments from the inn we stayed in last Christmas.

I really think I'm going to steal her entire look for next year. Gonna have to hit up Target's clearance sales after Christmas to stock up on ornaments!

 And last but not least, a simple sign hanging in the entryway as a small reminder of the Savior we celebrate at Christmas.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I hope everyone is enjoying time with family and friends, and remembering the gift God gave to us! 

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