A Getaway

Thanks to some very generous friends of ours, Deric and I got a free night's stay on Friday at a hotel in Pigeon Forge. We've ventured out to PF/Gatlinburg plenty of times before but have never stayed the night. We chose TGI Friday's for dinner (solely for their dessert nachos, which apparently they don't serve anymore) and then crashed at the hotel and watched cable tv, a luxury for us. Saturday morning we ventured out for a quick run along the main drag and arrived back at the hotel just in time for waffles and omelets. After getting cleaned up, we drove to the Apple Barn Farmhouse, a local favorite and tourist hotspot, to reserve a table for ourselves and our two aforementioned-generous friends. If it seems like we went straight from breakfast to lunch, I can assure you we really didn't. A huge conference in town meant waiting at least an hour for a table, so my waffle was long gone by the time we ate those delicious apple fritters.
Our last stop before heading back home was the indoor ropes course at Wilderness at the Smokies. It was awesome- I felt like a kid again. It really put to shame all the ropes courses I've done at various church camps in past years. Once we wore ourselves out climbing and racing each other across tightropes, we made our way home. Although we were barely gone 24 hours, it was a perfect time for Deric and I to recharge and connect with each other, something that can easily get pushed aside during the daily grind. We're very thankful for a spontaneous weekend date!

1// Deric upon hearing they no longer serve dessert nachos 2// our substitute dessert, peanut butter cheesecake 3// a "scenic" run, mostly traffic and billboards 4// view from the hotel 5// the Apple Barn

1// my newest favorite picture of us-- its rare we're both genuinely smiling! 2// ropes course! 3// ice cream to tide us over on the way home

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