ten months

Ten months may be my favorite age yet. Seeing more and more of Jake's personality develop is so much fun, although naturally he's developing some "preferences" alongside that personality. Except for when Deric or I leave the room, he's still so good-natured and calm. I know I'm a first-time mom for saying this, but it breaks my heart to hear him cry when I leave him in the nursery at church (even if its only a few seconds before he's distracted by a toy). Nothing gets Jake more excited than walking with us and I swear he could walk on his own if he had the confidence. He's constantly diving out of our arms to walk around and has developed some serious endurance as a result. Jake babbles "dada" all the live-long day but will occasionally throw in a "mama", probably out of pity for me. So far he's mastered clapping on command, giving a kiss (aka ducking his head so we can kiss his forehead), and just recently he's begun to throw his hand up in an attempt to wave at total strangers...who usually aren't looking in his direction. Every day I'm so thankful I get to spend time with the cutest, happiest little guy I know.

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