Halloween three-peat

Trick or treating was a three night, two weekend event this year...on purpose, and not just because of the candy. I'd decided about a week in advance to sew a Native American costume for Jake and with all the sweat and frustration that went into that costume, I was determined he would wear it as much as possible. I finished sewing it about half an hour before we took Jake to a local park for the town's trick or treating event, and I was in disbelief that I had sewed something wearable...and that I'd finished it on time. And he rocked it. That little red feather sticking up behind his giant noggin, the striped cheeks and the sticks (in lieu of arrows) inside his quiver. Chief Little Britches was cuter than I imagined he would be. 

Next up was our church's Trunk or Treat event on Sunday night. Jake enjoyed looking at everyone's decorated trunks but he didn't quite understand what was going on. He had no interest in collecting candy or even holding his bucket, and ended up spending most of the evening chillin' in the back of our van with a few high schoolers and some sticks and candy wrappers for entertainment. Life of the party right there!

On Halloween night, we partied at a friend's house and trick-or-treated on their cul-de-sac which was great since our street isn't trick-or-treating friendly. After a few houses where people shoved an entire bucket of candy at Jake and let him grab what he wanted, Jake picked up on the whole idea and would march up to porches, brushing their offered piece of candy aside and trying to get at the bucket instead. It was fun to see him start to get the hang of it, but sadly freezing rain cut into our plans so we stayed inside for the remainder of the evening.

Holidays are much more fun now that Jake's more involved, and it makes me so excited for Christmas this year!

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