odds and ends of February

Monday morning was warm enough to head out to the park for a run (ok, walk. I tried though!) and time at the playground. And oh my gosh, it did us both so good to be outside for a few hours. I've been checking our ten-day forecast a little too often just hoping that these slightly warmer temperatures are truly going to stick around, and I think they just might!

Anything to keep the calm while waiting in line at the grocery store. Its this or he rearranges every packet of gum in the checkout line. Thankfully he can reach up to the belt now so once we get close enough, I can occupy him by having him hand me every single item from our cart. It also helps (only temporarily) to divert his attention from the bowl of suckers they have under the register.

This was taken a week or so ago when Jake was in the annoying yet cute habit of sneaking out of his bed after we leave the room and falling asleep on the floor. His favorite spot was to be wedged in between his bed and the chair. How is that comfortable?! It was cute to find him  like this, but also drove me crazy because we talked every day about how he needed to stay in his bed. Then one night late last week, we found him asleep curled up in the chair. All I can think is that he had taken it to heart when we said not to sleep on the floor...so he got into the chair instead. But thankfully lately he's been staying in his bed.

Jake thinks it is beyond hysterical to try to blow raspberries on Deric's face before Deric can do it to him. Usually this happens while Deric's holding him so Jake doesn't stand a chance. Every time Deric gets him, Jake belly laughs and makes us both start laughing. The other night Jake snuck up on Deric and successfully beat him to the punch. I can't stop laughing when I see these photos! The way his head pops up with that maniacal grin...hilarious.

In other news, Jake is about 90% potty trained! We started last week and Jake did great. Besides some accidents because he doesn't want to stop playing, Jake has things under control and knows the routine. I'm looking forward to a few diaper-less months before we start things all over again!

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