Spring Break with family

I'm a couple weeks behind in recapping what we've been up to, but what's new? ;)  During the week following Easter, both Sarah and Joel and my parents came to visit for a few days and we loved having them here at the same time! Less than an hour after my parents arrived on Monday afternoon, a deck project was underway so Deric and Dad had a pretty busy week.

^enjoying Friday night on the brand new deck

Sarah, Mom, and I provided moral support (and lunch) for the construction crew, watched the boys play together, and took them swimming a few times at my parent's hotel. Jake was quite the fish but Joel was much more like Sarah and me, who weren't so excited about the cool water and tried not to get much of ourselves wet.  We've always been a bit wimpy. Mom made smoothies for breakfast each morning and a few days in, Jake heard the blender in the kitchen and immediately shot forward with a smile on his face as he said "Is that a smoothie for me??" Grandma's smoothies are always a hit!

Both boys loved bath time together--especially with Grandad and a floating race track--and read plenty of books throughout the week. Its so fun to see them growing up together and watching the 18 month age difference slowly start to close as they get older. In no time I know they'll be running around together and causing all sorts of trouble.

Almost every night after Jake and Joel had gone to bed, the adults made a batch of banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and played Machi Koro, a game that Mom and Dad introduced to us. We all love board games and Machi Koro is a fast-paced game that allowed us to play multiple rounds each night, which is good because I usually needed another chance to try to win. What can I say, the cookies distracted me. ;)

^seriously. heart eyes everywhere.

We're always bummed when family leaves town but at least we know they'll all be back in just a few short months to meet the baby!

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