Mother's Day 2016

Deric had asked me a few times in the weeks leading up to Mother's Day if there was anything specific I wanted to do or a specific gift I had in mind, and all I could think of was that I'd like to go clothes shopping after this baby comes. :) So because that present will have to wait a few more weeks, we kept yesterday pretty low-key and it ended up being great.

We started the morning off at church and followed up with lunch with our neighbors, which is always a treat. Even with a longer wait time than usual thanks to Mother's Day, we were able to keep Jake occupied and happy throughout the long lunch. And thankfully a big lunch meant a big nap for both Jake and Deric, who both needed one. I fully expected I would nap as well but I ended up preparing lists for the hospital bag when the baby comes, plus Jake's bag when he goes to our friends' house, and then I wrote out our to-do list for Jake's birthday party this weekend. It was a pretty productive afternoon spent sitting on the couch, even if I did feel a little overwhelmed after writing out those lists! Overwhelmed and a little impatient, since thinking of packing baby onesies and pacifiers gets me so excited to meet this baby!

Deric and I ended the night watching The Avengers Civil War movie (or whatever its called, there are so many now!). We realized we've got quite a few movie gift cards to get through soon since there's just no time to go to the movies once the baby comes.

Its crazy to think that three Mother's Days ago I was in labor with Jake, who would be born the next day. And that next year we will have two boys to celebrate with! Shoot, by Father's Day we'll have two boys! I'm thinking Father's Day may not be as relaxing as Mother's Day this year....sorry, Deric. ;)

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