August already??

We've been laying pretty low lately thanks to serious heat waves that just won't let up. I miss daily trips to the park but with Reid being so little, we'll just have to wait out this heat and look forward to the fall! In the meantime, we've found plenty to do at home: painting, puzzles, rotating through all the toys...and watching all the Olympics! Deric and I have been anxiously waiting all summer to watch and it has not disappointed.

While Reid was napping one afternoon we did venture into the sweltering heat to have a carwash and we washed all of Jake's wheels: his truck, trike, scooter and train. (If that kid gets another set of wheels, I'll no longer be able to park in the garage!) After we washed all the toys we ended up washing Deric's truck too. And once the truck was clean, Deric and Jake played in the hose to really cool off.

Our garden has not been very successful this year, probably thanks to our almost non-existent gardening skills. We pretty much plant it and forget it, just barely remembering to water the garden on the days it doesn't rain. Unfortunately we had to pull out our snap peas and green beans because they got blitzed by the heat back in July. I've made fried green tomatoes a few times but some sort of bug beats us to the tomatoes just as they turn red. Thankfully our cherry tomatoes have been going strong and Jake heads out to pick tomatoes every day, sometimes twice a day. Most of the tomatoes don't make it back into the house. ;) It definitely doesn't get old seeing him out in the garden eating the vegetables straight from the vine! The basket he's got was made by our neighbor and given to me for my birthday. Its perfect for Jake's little harvests.

Nothing keeps Jake entertained like helping me cook dinner! He'll cut up cheese until its microscopic and roll dough (and eat it every time I turn around) forever. Yesterday I enlisted his help rolling out tortillas. He did a great job rolling them out--plus the taste is what matters, not the shape. ;)

Reid has slept like a total champ the last two nights! A ten-hour stretch on Monday night and then almost twelve hours last night makes me, well, really happy and rested. But it also makes me think it may be time soon to move him into his crib.

During the day, he'll get restless and start fussing when he's tired. As soon as I give him his pacifier and rock him, its lights out. Yesterday afternoon he was fidgeting a little so I stroked his face and those little eyelids just went down. And his little hand holding onto mine...he's too much!

Jake climbed up next to me while I was nursing Reid and asked me to take his picture...and this is the face he made. He's really turning into a ham and I'm totally okay with it.

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