Reid is ONE!

Reid is ONE! Its so hard to believe. He is the best and busiest little boy and I barely remember life before he joined our family. Reid moves nonstop and loves loves loves to climb up and down on things: stairs, pillows and anything else he can get himself onto. Its the cutest thing to see him climb up and immediately turn around to get back down. He'll so carefully scoot over to the edge, stretch his little toes to the ground and slide off. And he's so proud of himself! He's developed really good balance as a result so thankfully I no longer worry about him when I see him doing this.

 He loves to get into anything Jake is working on and thinks he can keep up with Jake at the playground. He never stops trying to climb up slides and ladders and as a result, I have to keep a hand on him every second that we're at the playground. He pulls himself up and cruises around furniture and just the other day, got himself standing up about ten times in a row! We were playing in the backyard and I don't think he liked the feel of the grass so it was good motivation for him to try out standing!

Reid babbles all day long--and has learned "mama" but he doesn't associate it with me, so I don't count it as his first word yet. Hopefully soon! ;) He refuses to learn the sign for "more" and prefers to just grunt and point with both hands at whatever food he wants next. Just yesterday he learned to give high fives and he loves to give them!

He loves drinking out of water bottles and I got tired of sharing mine with him so he skipped the sippy cup phase and graduated straight to his own water bottle. Deric is absolutely his favorite person and Reid cries so hard when Deric leaves for work! He wakes us up pretty consistently around 6:15 every day and he is such a joy to see first thing in the morning!

On the morning of his birthday, we let him open his birthday gift (in the very festive Amazon box). Deric, Jake and I picked out a pillow pet for him. (Jake got one from a friend at his first birthday and he sleeps with it every night so I figured it'd be a good "toy" for Reid to have as well.) We had to narrow down our choices and Jake chose the bumblebee because he liked that it rhymed with "Bee-dos", one of the many nicknames we have for Reid. So a bumblebee it was!

After dinner we took the boys to get ice cream and let Reid try his first ice cream cone. Totally thought he'd love it but he took a few bites and then had a great time crawling around the table to visit everyone. 

Jake, however, was perfectly happy to celebrate Reid's birthday with ice cream. ;) We all love our Beats Baby so much!

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