Up North// Stop Two

After spending time with the Fairs, we drove an hour south to hang out with Deric's family for the remainder of the weekend. This involved dinner at a hibachi restaurant (yum) on Thursday night with Deric's parents and the Hunger Games when we got home. It brought back good memories from the few months we lived with them while job hunting two years ago. On Friday, Deric and his dad went golfing while I went on a bike ride through the blissfully quiet back country roads. It was a nice change of pace from my usual scenery involving lots of traffic and steep(er) hills. Friday night brought Deric's brother's family and some of our friends into town and it was so great to have a house full of friends and family. On Saturday, both sides of Deric's family came over for a Labor Day celebration which always equals Purdue football (and Ohio State, my sister-in-law's team, much to the dismay of the rest of the family) plus wayyy too much snacking. Overall, our four-ish days in Indiana flew by and made us even more anxious for the holidays so we can get back up there.

top// driveway leading to the in-law's house. picturesque, no?
bottom// back country roads.

a house divided.

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