Up North // Stop One

We extended our already-long weekend by a few days and drove up to Indiana on Tuesday after work. First, we hit up the Fair household to meet baby Cana and hang out with the new family of four. It was a quick visit--only a day and a half-- but totally worth it. I spent as much time as possible cuddling with teeny tiny Cana and Deric was on entertain-the-two-year-old duty. Therefore, I had a nice and relaxing day with a baby snuggled on my chest while Deric and Isaac played hard outside, finding treasure and doing other pirate-y things.

Thanks, Fairs, for making such cute kiddos! ;)


  1. You got some great pictures! Cana and Isaac are almost as cute as you and your sisters :)

  2. Thanks for taking care of our cute kids! We had fun:) I think Isaac is going through Uncle withdrawal...