Color Me Rad

Deric and I ran the Color Me Rad 5K this Saturday with a group of friends from church, and it was a blast! Its much more fun to run when you're being pelted with clouds of cornstarch along the way. Although this was the first 5K Deric and I have run together, we technically didn't run together-- he ran up ahead with our faster friends and I hung back with Melanie and Janine, taking it easy and talking the entire time. Such a fun morning.

The best part of the run was seeing what everyone looked like after all the color. I think purple was the last color we ran through, and then everyone was given packets of pink color after the race, so we all had a good dose of purple + pink to show off. I wish there were more fun races like this-- running just to run won't be so exciting anymore.
I was curious to see how well the color would rinse off when we got home, and it came off surprisingly easy. A few minutes longer in the shower and there were no traces left, which was quite the accomplishment considering Deric's very blue arms. As for our shirts, we rinsed them in vinegar to preserve the color (as directed by the race's website) but unfortunately, not much of the color remained. At least our shoes are nice and bright!

Hopefully Color Me Rad will come back to Knoxville next year and we can do it all over again!

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