the beach (via my phone)

We spent last week in the Outer Banks with my family, recuperating from Sarah and Drew's wedding on the 20th. (I wish I had pictures from the wedding to share, but no pockets in my dress = no phone to take pics!) The wedding was gorgeous, sweet and solemn, and overall very fitting to Sarah and Drew. After the reception, out-of-town family came to the house to spend more time together and although I was beyond tired after waking up at 5am, I had such a great night with family I don't see often enough. I wish we could have brought the entire family to the beach with us, but at least we got to see them for the weekend.

I did bring my regular camera to the beach but it stayed put in my bag for most of the week. Pictures to come once I unpack and actually find my camera. But for now, a recap of the week via my phone (most of which you've probably seen on Instagram, sorry for the repeats!).

Best part of the week? Spending an entire five straight days with Isaac and Cana. I think that was pretty high up on everyone's list, though.

 1// happy 29 to Deric! 2// Grandma & Isaac at the beach (not pictured: G'ma teaching Isaac to run through the surf and get soaking wet) 3// pirate putt-putt 4// Cana loves her Grandad 5// the view from the living room never got old 6// Isaac cheesin' it up
1// Cana girl 2// cute restaurant on Ocracoke Island 3// Pea Island at dusk 4// best meal at the beach 5// Isaac needed Deric's full attention 6// best way to weather a hurricane: grab a beer and jump in the hot tub

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