Its (probably) a boy!

At our 12 week appointment, we got a big surprise when the ultrasound tech pointed out a few things on the monitor and told us she was 99.9% sure it was a baby boy. (Don't worry, she asked us if we wanted to know first, to which I said "Heck yeah!") Seeing as this is eight weeks earlier than the usual gender reveal, we're restraining ourselves from buying blue for a few more weeks, but we are focusing on boy names (since we really don't have any that we love). All that said, Deric is psyched about a son and I'm not sure what I'll do with one, but I do know that if he's a mini-Deric I'll be perfectly happy!

As my cousin Megan said, the evidence is pretty compelling. ;)


  1. He's already got your nose! I'm so completely happy and excited for you both!

  2. That's awesome!! Boys are a fun way to start! :)
    I've been thinking of ya! Miss you!