a snowy day

 We made it to Indiana ahead of the winter storm predicted to sweep across the country and were rewarded with a major snow day when we woke up on Wednesday! At least six inches fell at my in-laws' house so naturally we dug through closets to find old snow gear (notice Deric's He-Man hat) and headed out into the freezing temps. I only lasted long enough to make snowmen and take a few pictures, but Deric and his dad stayed out all afternoon clearing off the driveway. It was so much fun to tromp through all that snow despite the icicles that formed in my hair by the end of the hour. I can't remember the last time I've seen enough snow to make snowmen. Take a look at Deric's snowman that's rocking the "nerdy office worker" look-- a tie, pipe, glasses and a receded hairline. Snow Day 2012= best Christmas gift so far (ahem, Christmas still to come when the whole fam arrives.)

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