24 weeks

I feel like I'm finally to that "golden" stage of pregnancy that everyone kept telling me about when I was nauseous and exhausted every day. I've noticed an upswing in energy over the past few weeks and combined with some New Years resolution-y motivation, a lot's been accomplished in this house! Well, it seems that way. Doesn't quite look like much progress yet, but considering the soon-to-be nursery is cleared out and ready to be painted, at least we've made some headway. We attempted registering on Friday afternoon but left after it took us an hour to check off maybe fifteen items from the checklist. (Wedding registry= so much fun. Baby registry= so many questions.) We did pick out a crib though, so there's that. Baby boy will indeed have somewhere to sleep. Oh yeah, no name for the babe yet. We don't even talk about it anymore since we can't think of any even remote possibilities. I just hope that when we meet him, the perfect name miraculously pops into our heads. 

So that's where we're at these days. Nursery preparations, researching cloth diapers and countless other baby paraphernalia, and best of all: feeling (and watching) baby boy kick and roll around almost constantly. We can't wait for the little guy to just get here already!

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