70s & sunny

Deric and I spent this past week in Florida (Lauderdale by the Sea, to be exact) with his parents for vacation. We stayed in his grandma's condo which had a decent view of the ocean from the front porch but an awesome view off the balcony. My favorite part of the entire vacation was walking out to the balcony first thing each morning and eating cereal while gazing at blue skies and palm trees. The perfect weather was a bonus, too. High 70s, low 80s in the afternoon = that perfect balance where you don't really feel the weather, ya know? And just warm enough to play in the ocean without freezing to death, although the water itself did take some getting used to. We ate like kings (bring on the seafood!), spent enough time at the pool and/or ocean for me to read all three of the books I brought, went to Ikea twice, played tennis in the mornings and cards at night. Besides the sinus infection Deric developed a few days before we left, it was a really relaxing week. This morning, vacation withdrawal hit when I realized today wouldn't be 70 and sunny, but 40 and rainy. I just keep reminding myself that spring will be here soon enough! But even still, its always good to be home.
view from the balcony, above. i could get used to that.

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