Gray Days

We've had what feels like the longest winter ever, albeit "winter" is a loose term here in Tennessee. No snow thankfully, but so many dreary, gray and rainy days that I could scream. Today was yet another day of constant rain (seriously, didn't let up for a minute). A coworker told me today that the news said March was colder than November and December of this year. What?!

 All that to say, my mood lately has matched the weather even though there's really no reason to be down. A few things I should be thankful for:
-We just had family in town for Easter weekend which definitely made me happier. (And my maternity wardrobe got a serious upgrade thanks to my mom and mother-in-law, so I now have more than one pair of jeans to get me through this never-ending winter.)
-Deric and I have started geocaching, which is a fun and (most importantly) free way to spend time outside. Never heard of it? Look it up in your area; there are millions of geocaches worldwide. Its like a global treasure hunt!
-Our house is filled to the gills already with baby stuff and we've still got a shower to look forward to. We have incredibly generous friends and family.
-An ultrasound yesterday had our doctor telling us everything looks perfect. Baby boy (yes, still unnamed) is growing like a weed, in the 54% for weight. I'm okay with that as long as he doesn't put on too many pounds before delivery ;) The only bummer is that he decided to nap during the ultrasound with his face buried, so a very blurry side shot is all we walked away with. But seeing this little face--and knowing we'll see him in person in about nine weeks-- really cheers me up!

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