single digits

I've been seriously slacking in the picture department, so here's a recap of the last four weeks. Looking back, I've already forgotten so much of the last few months that I wish I'd done a better job documenting things. But all I've got is what's going on lately, so here's that: Baby boy is more active now than he's been so far. Especially when I lay down on my left side, he rolls around and bumps and kicks, although I can't discern between kicks or punches. Every once in a while I'll get a kick in my ribs but thankfully, they aren't outright painful. My energy level is pretty normal, which is surprising considering how many times I get up in the middle of the night and tumble down the hall to the bathroom. Waking up before 10am is never ideal (but it wasn't beforehand either). Running is officially over, and has been for about a month. Sadly, even walking gives me shin splints and leg cramps now. A bit embarrassing, but what can you do? Eight weeks to go...its crazy to think we're already down to single digits!

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