a Monday at 4 months old

I've already pretty much forgotten what those early days were like when Jake was first born. I do remember how mornings seemed to last forever because our nursing attempts were still pretty uncoordinated and both of us would need a bath, but Jake would get the bath first and inevitably spit up afterwards, so it was never before 11am that I'd be able to shower and feel clean...until the next feeding. And then around two months in, nursing was getting easier but we were still up early so my days would start off productively but I'd end up falling asleep on the couch with Jake until Deric came home for lunch. I wish I'd documented a typical day at the newborn stage but I had my hands a bit full, so I'm planning to document every couple months from here on out.

10:00// Jake wakes up. (Best kid ever.) He always wakes up happy and I love coming in in the morning. As I open curtains and talk to him, Jake starts kicking and moving. He's usually got his blanket balled up on his chest from trying to grab his toes. In the living room,I turn on the Today Show and eat a granola bar while Jake nurses. I change and dress Jake, get into my running clothes, grab a water and put Jake in his car seat. He spits up as soon as the straps are in place.

11:15// I run two laps around the park. Jake didn't fall asleep on the four mile drive, but he's out less than a few minutes into the run.

12:30// The staff at church eat out for lunch on the first Monday each month, and Jake and I tag along. Today its Double Dog's, a sports bar-esque restaurant that we've never been to.

1:30// Backhome. After Jake nurses, I sit him in his bathtub on the floor outside the shower while I take a shower, then on the counter next to me as I dry my hair. I get dressed and realize I'm matching Jake. Ah well.

2:30// The fabric I ordered to make into a crib skirt is finally here, so I set up shop in our spare bedroom. While I iron and measure and pin, Jake entertains himself on his play mat.

3:00// He doesn't last long on his own though, so I rock him in his room and he falls asleep. When I move him to his crib, he wakes up. I leave him anyways in the hopes that he'll settle back down. I sew one side of the crib skirt and get annoyed because something's up with the tension on my sewing machine and it just doesn't look right. Since Jake's awake anyways, I decide to go get heat-n-bond from Hobby Lobby so I don't lose my mind over a simple crib skirt.

^Those blurs are a good indicator that he's awake and happy about it.

4:00// On the way to HL, we stop at the chiropractor since my neck's been bothering me. Chiropractor, Hobby Lobby and a stop to get gas and we're back home right in time to head to Deric's softball game.

5:30// When I pull up at the house, Deric's ready and waiting. I run in to grab snacks and blankets since its supposed to get cold this evening.

6:00// Game starts and I plop down a chair in the long line of wives + kids. If the guys win their game, they play again at 8:00. But they don't, unfortunately, so we head home.

7:30// Deric offers to cook dinner (salmon + rice) so I can finish up the crib skirt.

8:30// After dinner, we bathe Jake and get him ready for bed. Jake can about flood the entire bathroom as he kicks and splashes, but its totally worth it to watch him go crazy.

9:00// Since I almost always forget to do tummy time with Jake during the day, we read and practice rolling for a few minutes before Jake starts to get sleepy.

9:30// Deric puts Jake to bed and we watch West Wing while I finish the crib skirt. Around midnight we finally go to bed ourselves.

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