football for days

Today felt like July. Forget October, it was a scorching, no-breeze, 100% humidity (at least it felt like it) kind of day. Despite my disappointment that I couldn't open windows to let cool air into the house, today was still a solidly good day. We haven't both been home all weekend in too long-- every weekend in September was crazy busy-- so it felt great to be home together. Friday night, we went over to the high school to watch some football and on Saturday, we started the day watching six-year-olds play flag football (their looks of determination to grab those flags are so, so cute) and followed the game up with a lunch date at Jet's. I spent the remainder of the afternoon refinishing furniture in the garage while Deric read and Jake snoozed for three hours. Then tonight, we ate dinner and played cards with friends. As I type, Jake is sound asleep on my chest and Deric's catching up on the fourth quarter of the Tennessee-Georgia game. Tomorrow begins a new week and new to-do's, so I'm thankful for a weekend full of just the things we wanted to do!

 ...Jake has quite a fan base of little girls and he's so good with their multiple attempts to put his pacifier back in his mouth, head rubs and incessant baby talk. :)

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