snow day

Deric texted me Tuesday morning to tell me it was snowing. I glanced out the window and was disheartened to see tiny flakes that surely wouldn't amount to anything, but they kept on comin' all day. By noon, Deric was home from work for the day and schools were closed (not that it matters to me, but I still find myself watching school cancellations on the news) and we were entertaining ourselves by watching numerous cars attempting the big hill at the end of the road only to decide against it, park at the church next door and walk back home. (We aren't awful people, btw, we asked them if they wanted a ride.) Anyways, our glorious snowed-in afternoon consisted of Downton Abbey and chai tea, followed by naps and reading lots of books. And then I figured since everyone was out of school/work then I at least shouldn't clean the house. That's fair, right?

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