Christmas in Destin

A few days after Christmas, we drove down south to Florida to spend the week with my family. My parents found a great house right on the beach and even though it was chilly, we all made it out to the beach at least once a day to throw a frisbee, dig a giant hole, and dip our fingers (not toes) into the water. A few of us were brave enough to paddleboard, and there's no motivation to keep your balance than the threat of freezing water below. When we weren't on the beach, we spent the majority of our time playing board games (especially Ticket to Ride), eating, more eating, using Mom's exercise bands as catapults, geocaching, and not showering. ;) Despite a rocky end to our week (a shredded timing belt after we just replaced it and a sick baby), we still thoroughly enjoyed our time with family as a new year kicked off. Thanks, Mom & Dad, for our destination Christmas!

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  1. Great photos! And I just love seeing your Mom and Dad so happy!