19 months young

Clean freak in the making--always wiping down the table, his tray, his face.
Obsessed with drinking from Dad's cups.
Latest words include "help", "told" [cold], "oc ball" [soccer ball] and "ask ball" [basketball].
Slowwwwly learning to obey when I ask him to "Come here". (Fingers crossed that Christmas with grandparents doesn't set this new skill back, cause everyone knows grandparents are softies.)
Loves to perch on the counter next to me as I make sandwiches, cut up fruit, etc.
Still no sign of sideburns, as evidenced by the wavy-bowl-cut look. 
Moves fast enough that the wavy bowl cut is almost not noticeable (almost). 
Sweet enough to comply with my incessant requests for hugs and kisses, because who doesn't love an open-mouthed attack of drool?!

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