merry and bright (lights)

The other night we braved freezing temps barely long enough to explore the lights at a local park, much to Jake's delight. Between the trees made from light strands and the huge evergreens decked out in giant ornaments, Jake couldn't pick a favorite. His little fingers were frozen after one quick loop through the trees so it was a short but sweet visit, a great first time to see the lights.

I can't get over the sheer joy captured in these pictures. Deric and Jake's latest game is to start the sentence "I...love…" and fill it in with all kinds of things, but the most enthusiastic response has always been "Dadddddyyyy!", as seen in the smile below.

Watching Jake's enthusiasm over simple Christmas lights gets me so excited for Christmas morning, and for all the Christmas seasons coming up! I so look forward to involving him in more Christmas traditions as he gets older and can help bake cookies, hang ornaments, wrap gifts and enjoy the anticipation of the season of Christmas. 

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