when family comes to town

Sarah, Drew and Joel got in late Thursday night (of the weekend before last, because I'm always prompt at blogging) and we spent Friday doing not a thing at all, which was glorious. We traded babies/toddlers (also glorious because we obviously got the better (read: quieter and calmer) end of that stick) and both Deric and I fully enjoyed napping with baby Joel while Drew and Sarah kept up with Jake. We did venture out of the house for frozen yogurt that night which was Joel's first trip and Jake's first bowl of his own. Milestones!

Mom and Dad got in late Friday night and we spent Saturday playing more rounds of pass-the-babies in between hitting up Jet's for lunch and making sushi for dinner (complete with Japanese music in the background thanks to Deric's quick Pandora search). We packed so much into Saturday that thankfully our weekend felt much longer than the one day we all had together. Sarah and Drew left mid-morning on Sunday and unfortunately Mom and Dad had to leave earlier than they planned because of a winter storm headed our way (but not before Mom got Jake to color with her for a solid *hour*). Of course, said storm didn't blow in on time but its always better to get home ahead of bad weather and I'm glad the storm didn't ruin our weekend entirely. Every time family comes to visit I can't help but think of how fantastic it would be if everyone lived in town. Thanks for the fun-filled weekend, everyone! (And especially thanks for driving to us...wink!)

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