snow days (and days and days..)

Between ice, frigid temps, and finally some snow over the past two weeks, we've been...bored. So bored. Just the possibility of "winter weather" sends Knoxville into chaos, shuts everything down and brings out all the bad drivers in hordes so we've had no social interaction for quite some time. (Except for church on Sunday, during which I managed to catch the stomach flu and alienate us even more from society.)

Exactly how I feel too, man.

That said, our two-week confinement really didn't differ from our usual weekly routines. We lost out on trips to the gym (so bummed about that one!), trips to Target to "stretch our legs", and trips to the grocery store.

So to fill in those hours usually spent at our many diverse and cultured hotspots, we educated ourselves on the three basic shapes of playdoh [snakes, balls and pancakes], got really good at our four puzzles,

rearranged the train tracks again and again and again, built a fort,

 finally worked up the nerve to use fingerpaint somewhere other than the bathtub, learned most of the names of Thomas' train friends (sigh.  I'll forever hate Thomas and blame Deric for Jake's love of "Ah-mas"), learned to navigate the dining room chairs,

watched the weather for any signs of spring,

 read lots and lots and lots of books, and otherwise entertained ourselves with any and everything around the house.

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