a weekend retreat for everyone

Over the weekend Deric and I hung out at our alma mater with our student ministry kids for a middle/high school Spring Retreat, and Jake had the time of his life apparently at our friend's house.

 I can't stop laughing at his face! My friend texted me this picture 
and said Jake was cracking himself up over the puppy towel.

Jake played hard all weekend, running around with our friends' two kids and their puppy. I'm sure he was never without entertainment between those three. Their little girl is especially caring and probably every single one of Jake's needs were anticipated and met instantly (which explains the surly attitude he had with me when we got home yesterday...but its good to know he was so loved all weekend!) Jake got to go to Chuck E. Cheese, play at the park, enjoy a whole houseful of new toys, and oh, sleep in like an hour more than normal. Figures.

Our weekend rundown: cafeteria food, stomach conundrums, wised up and ate only salads, stayed up late, got up early, laughed so hard with our students and played a million rounds of pool and a game called Signs. (And in between all that, we listened to some great talks about unity that hit home with both the kids and with us, because unity among God's people unfortunately doesn't magically get easier when you get older. It made me so thankful for the church family we have because everyone is very supportive and encouraging with one another; even our students are exceptionally kind and loving towards each other.)

Now we're back into the weekly routine and I'm pretty happy about it. In the time leading up to the retreat I had been reliving college memories and over-glamorizing it in my head: all that time to myself! no cooking or cleaning up! friends close by! fun and spontaneous weekend plans! While those things were great for a time, I'm so much happier in this stage of life. I've got Deric (and Jake) to hang out with anytime, I'm never lonely and wondering if someone's hanging out without me, cooking (and okay, cleaning up) means I control my own menu and eat what I like, and I'm perfectly content with lazy weekends and a third wheel on dates. (And no homework ever, of course.) Life as it is right now is pretty dang good.

Bathtime from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.

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