23 months

Pretty much every single one of my monthly Jake updates has started with "I can't believe he's already (1, 6, 12, 14.25, etc) months old" so I'll have to come up with a new opening line.

Or just a cute picture.

Everyone knows about the "terrible two's" but unfortunately, the terrible-ness has been appearing a tad bit early around here and I don't prefer that. Jake is still his usual happy and very sweet self but with an edge of anger if I don't walk/drive/turn "ISH WAY!" (this way) 1.5 million times per day, and all of the sudden he can no longer wait literally 90 seconds for oatmeal to cook in the microwave. But serious impatience and incessant demands aside, I love his curiosity and surprisingly don't mind hearing "What dis?" over and over again. He still loves to be chased and every time I ask for a high five, he sprints into his room and into one of two hiding spots: the corner of the room by the edge of his dresser, or behind one of the curtains. At any given point during the day, he'll either hide or cover his face and say "Where Jake?".

We taught Jake to close his eyes which hilariously (to us at least) results in a squinty grimace that I have yet to capture on camera because that child still yells "No!" every time I attempt a picture, even though I've tried a positive cause-and-effect of letting him see the picture immediately after...which now that I think about it, will only result in a vain child who starts taking selfies at age 3. Maybe that's not a good plan.

He's still incredibly helpful to the point of frustration on both of our parts. I took this video as we walked out of the library while Jake tried so hard to carry the heavy bag of books. So glad he's humble enough to accept help.

Leaving the Library from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.

Gah, this kid of mine!

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