Jake: 27 months + a video

Speaks his own language that cracks him right up. Favorite phrase: "gah-sheesh!" (and repeat 100x). Turns out boys get weird at a really young age. I thought I had a few more years.

He still loves to be "baby burrito'd" after bath time, only now instead of yelling "baby burrito", he repeats that new favorite phrase, see above.

Memorized Psalm 27:14 a few weeks ago-- "Wait for the Lord; be strong, take heart, and wait for the Lord." Complete with little motions, I about combust when he says it. But that's fewer and far between lately as he's becoming *slightly* less compliant these days. So my hopes of sneakily recording him saying the verse are about 0 in 1,000.

His standard reply to almost anything we say is "Oh."
"You've already had a snack."
"I asked you to stop."
"Your shoe goes on the other foot."

Jake told Deric and I the other day, "Daddy's big and I'm little". Too true dude.

Skipping over entire shoe sizes lately, resulting in the most frustrating search for non-Croc shoes for the fall. I've ordered (and returned) no less than eight pairs of shoes online, and still have yet to find a pair that fits well, don't have characters on them, and are inexpensive. Why are kids shoes just as expensive as adults?!

I've asked him a few times what he wants to be for Halloween, since I know he has no idea what I'm talking about, by saying "Would you rather be a farmer or a cowboy?" (pirate/astronaut/etc.). He replied with farmer so I asked him what a farmer does and he said, "Take the pigs to the barn, and the cows, and the chickens. Never forget the pigs." Where does he get that?? Hilarious.

And bonus! A video of Jake and Deric playing one of the many games Deric invents out of thin air. This one is simply knocking down bath toys with the ball and is just too funny when you're two and have zero aim.

Bath Time with Dad from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.

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