August recap

It was a doozy of a month. Our life is typically very calm and predictable, which I enjoy. I don't like to be busy for busy's sake (with the exception of fun trips every so often!) and I try hard to protect our schedule so we have time to relax and be together in between Deric's work obligations, time with friends and family, and ministry events. As I watch our culture promote busyness and even families with the best of intentions end up running from one thing to the next, I feel like I'm trying my best even now, with just one small child, to prevent that busyness by getting into the habit of "being still". But of course, we'll see what happens as our family grows and school and everything else comes our way.

That said, August was quite the month for us. We started off with our trip to Port Hope, a great way to begin the month. About a week and a half after that, doctors confirmed that I had a "low-functioning" gallbladder so I had surgery to have it removed. Thankfully God worked the timing out perfectly for Mom to come down and stay with us for almost a week, as the recovery was much more difficult than I expected.

Grandmas are good at teaching important things like how to color your feet with chalk!

Barely a week after surgery, we took a trip to Kentucky to meet up with friends doing ministry there. I was nervous about traveling so soon after surgery but the trip went fine and I'm definitely on the road to recovery. Deric's parents met us there to pick up Jake for the weekend so Deric and I got to have some time with just the two of us, which we always enjoy. And you know Jake just loved his weekend with his grandparents. He came back with all kinds of stories about riding the tractor and the golf cart, picking up sticks in the woods and getting pizza at a restaurant that delivers your drinks via a little train.

With all this going on, I'm so looking forward to this weekend at home with no real plans--the first we've had in almost a month! I love slow weekends spent at home, taking one day at a time and being as relaxed or as productive as we choose.

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