Christmas season recap

I'm obviously way behind in posting Christmas happenings but I'll get through it all eventually! This is a collection of odds + ends from the month of December, like...

Jake's first time decorating a tree, and he did it all by himself! He was so proud. All I assisted with was placement of ornaments so that the tree didn't topple over onto one side. Most of the ornaments were Deric's, given to him by his grandparents when he was a kid. Jake decorated his little tree before we got around to our big tree and he continually referred to the little tree as "Jake's tree" and the big one as "Mommy and Daddy's tree", even when I insisted that the big tree was his too. The ornament on top of the star just cracks me up!

I bought some Christmas books last year on clearance and this little pop-up nativity was in the back of one of the books. It obviously didn't stay set up for long but surprisingly we didn't lose any pieces!

The park near our library always decorates for Christmas. Last year when we visited it was bitterly cold, but this year it was almost warm enough to go without jackets. Jake was so excited to see the lights and run around the park. The candy canes lining the path were his favorite, and all month long he would point out every candy cane decoration he saw while driving or in stores. Candy canes and nutcrackers were a big hit!

Each year I've taken a picture of Jake in front of the Christmas tree and this year was nearly impossible to get a focused, un-blurry shot of that child! I tried three different nights and ended up with some decent ones. Sadly the best captures of his personality were blurry, but a few will be worth printing out for next year. After this year's marathon attempt, I'm already exhausted thinking about next year when I'll have to wrangle two kids in the photo!

First, all the blurry shots that are so cute but won't look great blown up to 8x10s...

And the three winners, this first one of which I'll print out to keep the tradition going.

Blurry or not, I love these pictures and the goofy personality showing through!

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