Snow Day!

I was skeptical that we'd see snow this year since its been such a mild winter so far, but! we finally got some snow and I couldn't be happier. The forecast called for snow overnight last night and continuing throughout the day so when I woke up and there was only a dusting, I thought our chances of a snow day were going to fall through. And then around noon I took Jake outside to play and the snow really started falling! His Tonka trucks were a major hit in the snow, especially the bulldozer that could clear a path for the other trucks. We ventured over to the playground for a few minutes but when Jake went down the slide, the snow shot up his pant legs so that was a good time to go inside for lunch.

After we all napped for a solid two hours, Deric and Jake headed back outside and stayed out until it was dark. Thank goodness Grandma found Jake some bibs and snowboots or that southern baby would never have lasted so long!

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