a weekend getaway to Chattanooga!

Over the weekend of the Fourth, Jake spent a few days with Deric's parents and his cousins in Indiana so Deric, Reid and I also decided to skip town and have some fun! Chattanooga is only about an hour and a half from us and yet in the five years we've lived here, we've never visited the city. We figured this last weekend was the perfect opportunity to explore and we loved it so much that we're already planning another trip with Jake this fall. Chattanooga is incredibly family friendly and there are plenty of attractions that we want to experience with Jake, especially the Children's Discovery Museum and the Aquarium.

Deric and I didn't actually visit any of the attractions in the city this weekend, we mostly ate at a bunch of local restaurants and walked around the city to scout out fun things to do when we come back with Jake. Clumpies Ice Cream came highly recommended online and then by locals so we were sure to try it out on Friday night. We ordered probably the best fish tacos I've ever had at Big River Grille: they were wrapped in both a blue corn tortilla and a taco shell! I may have to try that at home to spiff up our next taco night.

The air conditioning in our van went out on Friday night so unfortunately, Deric spent Saturday morning at the mechanic in hopes that it would be a quick fix and we'd be back playing tourist by noon. At 6:00pm that night, we finally got our van--and its new air compressor--back. Whomp whomp. But of all the trips for car troubles to happen, the one without a toddler was the best timing. We didn't have any set plans for Saturday so while we waited for the van to be fixed, we explored more of the city, tried out a local burger place and spent a few hours reading (and napping, in Deric's case!) at Starbucks. It was nice to sit back and relax without worrying about keeping Jake entertained while we waited.

Instead of snapping pictures all weekend, I thought I'd try out a video to remember the trip. It was fun to put it all together so I think more videos will happen in the future!

Chattanooga from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.

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