after school selfies

After I picked Jake up from school on Tuesday, I asked him if I could take a picture of him holding his craft and showing off his little USA bracelet that he got at school. He promptly told me "No" but then changed his mind and asked if he could take the picture with me. Big ole shocker, because this kid is just now humoring our requests for posed photos (for all of half a second, usually) and he typically denies my requests for pictures of us together as well. So when he wanted to take a picture with me, I was definitely up for it! And then he wanted to take the picture himself...and then it was like the toddler version of "If you give a mouse a cookie"...

If you ask to take a toddler's picture, he'll want to see himself in the camera.

If he sees himself in the camera, he'll want to hold the phone.

If he gets to hold the phone, he'll want to push the button himself.

If he pushes the button himself, you're guaranteed a bunch of blurry bursts of photos on your phone that you'll have to delete before you find a few worth saving. ;)

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