cousins in town!

Isaac and Cana came to visit us last weekend! They stayed at our house for just about 24 hours while Tim attended his grandfather's funeral and while the reason for their trip was unfortunate, we're so glad they got to visit us! After seeing Jake and Cana become such close buddies in Port Hope this summer, I knew Jake would be over the top excited to have them stay at his house. We lived it up for that one day-- we went to church, out for barbecue, spent the afternoon playing in the pool in the backyard, and then to the church picnic. By the time Tim picked them up on Sunday night, we were all beat.

Pancake breakfast thanks to Deric! Jake has occasionally been waking up around 6am, about an hour earlier than normal, and this was one of those days. Deric and Jake had breakfast completely ready when the rest of us woke up. Even though we use the same recipe, somehow Deric's pancakes always turn out so much thicker and fluffier than mine. I don't know what he does better, but I think I'll just hand over weekend pancake breakfasts to him completely, sit back and enjoy.

A big perk to this barbecue joint is their free ice cream (and kids eat free Sundays, so win/win!)

Isaac and Deric teamed up in the church corn hole tournament and made it to the semi-finals! Isaac was by far the youngest player--everyone else was a teen or older. I'm pretty sure he could win at anything corn hole or frisbee related. While they advanced through the tournament, Jake and Cana stayed busy with a water balloon toss and playing on the playground.

Look at that concentration^^

Jake practiced with Isaac in between rounds.

Isaac wanted to practice with his eyes closed. I think he was feeling pretty confident. ;)

It was a quick but very fun visit with Isaac and Cana! Hopefully we'll seen them again soon-- I'm tempted to make the six hour drive to their house, if only to get out of this ridiculous heat. ;)

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