Reid // 3 months

Reid is getting too big too fast! He's found his feet and loves to hold onto them. He rolls over to his left side pretty frequently, which is funny because I distinctly remember that it was Labor Day weekend when Jake could also officially roll over, and to the left side as well.

That's about where the similarities stop, however. Reid is proving to be a bit more lively than I remember Jake being at three months old. We've already tried him out in the Bumbo seat and he sits there like a tiny champ! (For a few minutes at least, and then he gets a little worn out.) He tries to sit up on his own any time he's in a semi-reclined position in his car seat, bassinet, etc. And because he can't quite do it--he gets stuck in this little baby crunch position-- he gets pretty ticked off. When he gets really upset, his cries sound like he's saying "mom" which I love, even though I'd prefer the crying to stop. But when the cries are that cute, its easier to forgive.

I don't remember exactly when--maybe about a month ago--but Reid just all the sudden began to sleep about twelve hours a night. I know, he's an awesome baby! He's usually the last one of us to wake up in the morning. Jake starts stirring around 7:00 so Deric usually intercepts him to go start playing in the living room, and Reid stays sound asleep for at least another hour. There have been a few mornings where we've all finished breakfast together before Reid cracks open an eyelid. He isn't in his crib all night yet, despite his long hours. That's partly because he still stirs at night when he looses his pacifier so its easier for us to pop it back in if he's nearby. And he also doesn't sleep well if he's laid out flat in his crib--he likes to be contained a little bit in his bassinet. Its too warm to swaddle him so the bassinet is the better option. And to be honest, it makes me too sad to think that he's almost big enough to sleep in another room!

Reid is always, always knocking out his pacifier because he's trying to get his fists in his mouth. And I would let him since it makes him so happy to chew on his fists, except that 1) I'm terrified he'll become a thumb or finger sucker and 2) he's gagged himself while chewing on his hands. So Jake and I are on constant "paci patrol" and keep putting in the pacifier to avoid fist chewing.

His hair is slowly thinning out, leaving a dark strip along the back and a fuzzy half-mohawk on the top. Makes me wonder if his hair will grow back in brown or blonde, like Jake's did. I'd love for him to be a brunette just to see a difference but I have this feeling he and Jake will look a lot alike. Either way, they are the cutest boys I've ever seen!

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