Reid: 8 months

Eight months old! Reid is days away from crawling--although granted, I've thought that since the end of January--and he is scooting, rolling and inching his way around to get to his toys. He's attempting to pull himself up on the coffee table which makes me nervous, but I have a feeling that this is just the beginning for this boy. Deric and I were talking tonight about how he seems to be a little more wild than Jake was at that age. Just in subtle things, so we'll see if our predictions come true. 

Reid interacts with people pretty often now, sticking out his hand and reaching out to be held, but once he realizes he's not in my arms he usually whines to be back with  me. Obviously I don't mind being his favorite person. ;)

We're pretty certain his blue eyes are here to stay, thank goodness! They're so clear and bright, and I think he's got a hint of red in his hair as well--its pretty noticeable to me in these photos, although in different light he still looks pretty blonde. With the blue eyes and reddish hair, we'll see if he continues to favor me (or at least my side of the family)!

While Reid prefers to be near me all day and babbles "Mom" often enough that I'm pretty sure he knows what he's saying, no one makes Reid laugh like Jake does. Its so cute to see Jake say some goofy made-up word and crack himself up, then watch Reid laugh only because Jake's laughing. I hope this is the beginning of a bond that lasts their entire lives!

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