meeting baby Eli!

The boys and I road-tripped to South Carolina at the beginning of the month to meet baby Eli and spend time with Joel, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Drew! Deric was at a convention with the youth group that weekend so I braved the six-hour trip solo and while I was nervous about handling both boys in the car on my own for such a long drive, all my prayers were answered and we made it to SC and back without any (big) problems. It was a short two-day visit but we packed a lot in and had so much fun.

I took this video probably two minutes after we walked in the door. Kids always get so excited to show visitors their toys! Sarah and I were dying over the boys' antics.

Jake & Joel from Ashley Skinner on Vimeo.

^reading the Bible with Uncle Drew before bed. Jake and Joel slept in the same room and surprisingly didn't keep each other up all night!
Jake and Joel raced each other around the apartment a hundred times, Jake taught Joel how to be a robot (just walk around with stiff legs while repeating "I am a robot!" and you're good!) and Sarah, Drew and I traded babies back and forth and stayed up too late every night talking. Always a good time when we see their family, and we're all looking forward to when the babies are little BFFs too! All too soon we'll have four boys racing around and wearing us out. ;)

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