Reid at 9 & 10 months

So Reid is actually eleven months old but I can't be *so* far behind that I catch up the last three months all in one post--so I'll catch you up on months nine and ten first, and then we'll be basically up to date and an eleven month post will come soon!


Reid was breaking in his newly-found crawling skills and discovering all sorts of things like the outlets (easily popping off the outlet covers), pulling his monitor off the table and almost breaking a tripod-style floor lamp. We all love to build Magna Tile towers for him to knock down, but you have to build them quick or he smashes them before you're ready. He was learning to pull himself up and usually chose the corner of the coffee table, causing me a few heart attacks a day as I envisioned him hitting his head or mouth on the corner, but it hasn't happened yet!

His favorite party trick was to scrunch his face and tilt his head to the side when he knew he was funny and it was too much! (Sadly, he doesn't do it much anymore--we'll have to work on it.) He moved through the baby puree stage quickly and would much rather feed himself food than eat purees, unless its a baby food pouch--then he's all about it. His favorite finger foods were avocado (which doubled as conditioner every time) and sweet potatoes. He loves his blanket and has to have it to sleep, but the best part is how he'll hold it and rub his face, usually his cheek, with the blanket when he's especially tired. Its so sweet!

Reid absolutely loves baths. He crawls to the bathroom and pulls himself up on the side of the tub when I'm not around, and splashes like a maniac once he's in the water. There have been numerous times when its taken both me and Deric to change his diaper because he will.not.lay.still. I've taken to changing him on the floor (rather than risk him rolling off a table) and it typically ends with me fastening the last tab on the diaper as he's crawling away from me. Anytime Deric holds him, Reid will lay his arm across the top of Deric's shoulder and keep a hand on his neck. It always looks like Reid's got this casual "just chillin' with my bud" vibe going when he does it.

Reid often makes this little face and upturned palm like he's confused about whats going on and it makes us laugh. He eats about the same portion size as Jake at every meal and he's insistent that plenty of food be on his tray at all times! But the second he's done eating, he takes his arm and sweeps it back and forth, knocking all those tiny pieces on the floor. Jake thinks "sweeping" is hysterical; I'd rather not vacuum that often. ;)

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