Easter in Ann Arbor!

I was so excited to spend Easter weekend with my parents and grandparents in Ann Arbor this year, especially since we couldn't make it for Grandad's birthday celebration back in February. I think this was the first Easter I've spent with my family since college, since its not usually a travel-to-family type holiday. We drove up Friday morning and returned Sunday afternoon so it was a quick visit, but the drive wasn't as long as the six hour trips we're used to taking so it was no big deal!

First stop after a few hours in the car, the playground!

 Family portrait thanks to Mom ;)

I love my grandparents' neighborhood. It is so charming and reminiscent of (what I imagine) life was like back in those "simpler times." Jake rode this bike up and down the sidewalk probably fifty times and Grandad couldn't resist the chance to surprise him.

Jake introduced Grandad to the magic of Magna Tiles! I think they created some sort of sea monster...I'm continually blown away by the things Jake builds. He creates all sorts of shapes I wouldn't think of. I feel like playing with Magna Tiles will pay off when he takes Geometry one day. How could it not??

On Saturday morning (my) Grandad took us to the coolest botanical garden that was a rainforest in the front half and a desert in the back. That warm, humid air felt fantastic after so much winter weather! Seeing pineapple plants and mangos (plus about a hundred more I didn't recognize) was a lot of fun for Jake. 

A succulent kaleidoscope! It was fascinating. I'm so glad Mom got a picture of what it looked like inside the kaleidoscope--I could frame it. I'm not sure if Jake was able to see it or not since kids can't wink very well, but he had fun trying!

The fish in this pond were NOT afraid of us. They would actually surface to try to bite our fingers so I'm thinking they're used to being fed?? They were probably the biggest goldfish (koi?) that I've ever seen. We watched them swim for quite a while and couldn't get over how close they'd come!

From rainforest to desert! I've never seen so many varieties of cactus before. Jake was pretty enthralled as well and thankfully wasn't tempted to touch any of them.

On Easter morning we visited the Methodist church downtown where Mom and Dad were married. It is a gorgeous church and it was special to be there knowing this was where our family started. We kept both boys with us during service and while it took four adults to keep them occupied and quiet, they did pretty well! 

Obligatory family photo after church. Thankfully I had some good lookin' models while I set up the camera settings. ;)

And miracle of all miracles, we got a family photo where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera! 

I'm so glad we could spend Easter with our family! A great family, beautiful weather and celebrating the hope we have because of Jesus' resurrection made it a weekend that will always be remembered.

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