Beats: 11 months

Man, this baby...that's almost not a baby anymore! I can't resist kissing his cheeks hundreds of times a day, every time I pick him up--usually just in the nick of time before he knocks something over, falls off something or tries to eat something off the floor. He is SO busy. He crawls to me multiple times each day wanting to be picked up only to try to squirm out of my arms almost instantly. He's become a Daddy's boy just in the last few weeks. He beelines for Deric when he comes in the door after work and often points to and reaches for him when I'm holding him. It makes me a little jealous but is also so sweet to watch. I just know Reid watches Deric and Jake play together and wants to badly to play with them. And soon enough, he'll be right in the thick of all the wrestling, pillow forts, and races.

Reid is tough to entertain for more than a few minutes but a tractor and fire truck are his favorite toys to play with inside. He'll scoot them around the living room, crawling along next to them. He's tried a few times to stand up independently and almost made it once. He pulls himself up on everything-- including anything with wheels--and wants to walk while holding our hands. He's learned to pull himself up on the rail of his crib and will walk around the perimeter before and after he sleeps.

He continues to adore his blanket and can fall asleep so quickly if I hold him belly down against me and give him his blanket. He prefers his blanket be draped across his back but with enough to hold in both of his hands against his face. I love how consistent he is with this little habit of his.

Reid loves to "fly"--as we call it-- at mealtimes. He'll wave his arms up and down while smiling and trying to catch Deric and Jake's attention so that they'll fly with him. As soon as they do, he makes that little grimace-smile face and screech with happiness.

I took the splashing photos last week when it was a gorgeous 70 degree day and we had just filled up our sand table for the first time this season. We got blue and green sand since that was all the store had, and it is pretty cool. Now the colors are mixed and its a pretty teal color. We added water to the sand that afternoon and Reid went to town. He was entirely soaked and didn't care a bit.

(Today we went to the Children's Museum and I put him in one of their smocks and let him play in a similar water feature, only to stop him about 30 seconds in because he'd already soaked his clothes through the smock...and today was decidedly not 70 degrees out.)

I'm so curious to see Reid's personality develop! I have a good feeling he'll be a tricky little one, but he is such a loving and happy baby I'm sure it'll all even out. We're so thankful to have him in our family.


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